Rooms for Ghosts

August 2015 from Wordcraft of Oregon
Available now on and Barnes and Nobel

Terra Brigando's first novel, Rooms for Ghosts, chronicles the disintegration of a wealthy family while vacationing on an island one summer. The narrator, a young teenager, splits her time between caring for her drug-addicted mother and navigating her own desire for understanding. With no one to look after her, she finds herself enmeshed in her mother’s lavish parties and becomes the object of affection of an older man. After discovering her father in an affair, she becomes obsessed with her father’s mistress. What follows is a sweet, but unseemly relationship between the two females and a devastating tragedy that changes the family forever. Written in dark, lyrical prose, Rooms for Ghosts takes us on a journey that is rife with longing and confusion as the narrator searches for the love that seems to elude her. 

Rooms for Ghosts is a gritty, intense account of a girl looking to latch on to anything that will give her love and purpose; it is a story that can be tackled in an afternoon. It will suck you in and won't let go until you reach the final pages. Even thought the story is very short, its haunting remains will stick in your mind for weeks.

                                                                                                                    – Caryn Shaffer

                                                                                                                    San Francisco Book Review

Author Terra Brigando plunges us into an experience where loneliness can result in going to the edge and wondering if there is a way back.  The innocence of adolescence is demolished and the world turns in a very short time. Executed with graceful and memorable language, a textured and languid narrative, and compelling insight into the gnarly confusion of adolescence, Brigando layers the story delicately and deeply, plunging the reader into the truths and dares of this young girl’s search for love. 


                                           – Elmaz Abinader,

                                              author of This House, My Bones

uthor Terra Brigando plunges us into an experience where 

Rooms for Ghosts is a riveting story about a fourteen-year-old girl undergoing unexpected rites of passage during a summer vacation that introduces her to drugs, alcohol, sex, and the inchoate longing that every teenager feels when she is not quite grownup, but no longer a child either. Brigando sets a blistering pace that never lets up. Her story is filled with glittering images and an envious sense of timing that belies the fact that this is her first novel. Ghosts is a dazzling coming of age narrative dense with stunning descriptions that are sometimes tender and loving, but sometimes shockingly brutal as well. Edgy, in your face, the author never holds back, never flinches, even though some timorous readers might wish she had.  


                         – Duff Brenna,

                               winner of the AWP Novel Award  

                               for The Book of Mamie


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